Manuel Palos | Student Testimonials
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“Manuel is a joyful and generous teacher.  He helps me to see and gently and clearly guides me through my sculpture process.  He has taught me when and how to switch from hand carving to using pneumatic tools.  When I wanted to learn to scale up from a model and make a mold he gave me the clay and took me step-by-step through the mold making process. He get’s involved in my work without intruding and helps me to realize my ideas. I relish my time in Manuel‘s class. I’ve learned a great deal, a day at Manuel‘s studio enhances the entire week.” – Mary Ann Cleary


“Manuel has treated me with respect and warmth from the first time we met. I feel honored to be working with such a talented artist. I came to work with Manuel after a 6 year hiatus from stone carving, working primarily in alabaster with hand tools. My method of creating sculpture is spontaneous, looking for the piece in the stone as I chisel away at the rock.  Not all teachers can understand this way of working, but Manuel appreciates all methods of creativity and offers as much or as little insight and assistance as is asked for. All the students are at different levels in their skill and ability and Manuel meets all of us where we are, and moves us forward. I love working in his studio surrounded by his beautiful work, it is inspiring and I feel secure in trying new things and growing as an artist.” – Melanie Miguel


“Mr. Palos is a master who gently guides his students through the process of crafting fine pieces of artwork created out of Alabaster, Sandstone and Marble stones. My work under Mr. Palos’ tutelage has opened many exciting doors for me in the world of Sculpture and I highly recommend him.” – Dolores Joya