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“For over 30 years Palos has left his indelible, anonymous mark on dozens of icons throughout the city, re-creating and restoring precious architectural and sculptural details that, without his unusual skills, would have long ago fallen into disrepair.” – SF Magazine


The firm offers a full scope of services including design, engineering, shop drawings, models, molds, fabrication, carving, installation and delivery. We use various materials and finishes including stone, marble, bronze, resins, clay and plaster to achieve the desired outcome for each project. We work with owners, architects, designers, builders, contractors and landscapers across the country to produce their designs or develop design concepts.


We specialize in architectural design and restoration, stone carving and sculpture. We can produce architectural elements in a variety of cast materials for new construction or to repair or replace existing pieces. We can also produce smaller projects such as custom hand-carved fountains and fireplace surrounds.


Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality in craftsmanship and sculptural expertise for your projects.
Manuel Palos
Golden Gate Music Concourse