Manuel Palos | Materials
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In addition to stone, including marble and limestone, some of the materials used include:
Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP)


Fiberglass (GFRP) can be used for both interior and exterior applications in a variety of shapes, styles and textures and is also well suited to restorations given its durability and very high strength to weight ratio.


Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC)


A combination of cement and fiberglass offers lightweight castings that are very strong. Textures and color can simulate many traditional stone. GFRC allows casts to be hollow, while maintaining all the qualities and strengths of cement. GFRC is lighter than plaster, yet heavier than fiberglass. Used for outdoor applications.


Cold Cast Bronze


This bronzing process is used in foundries as a substitute for solid bronze and is an affordable alternative to foundry bronze casting. This method of casting produces a very lightweight product. Cold Cast bronze can be treated to simulate a full range of aged bronze. Used for indoor and outdoor purposes.


Decocast ™


This resin-based material developed by Manuel Palos is both strong and light, and at close inspection is difficult to distinguish from natural stone and certain metals. It has a very high expected life and is used mainly in outdoor applications where exposure to the elements is the greatest.


Colors and Textures


Colors can be created depending on the specific material used. Textural qualities of each casting can take on the smooth surface of granite, or the coarse feeling of rough cut stone.


A wide selection of sample materials can be seen in the Manuel Palos Studio. Color and texture samples can be cast when a precise match is required.